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For companies, digitization means the autonomization, flexibilization and individualization of existing processes, which are caused by digital technologies and innovative business models.

More efficient, cost effective and error-free: Do you want to digitize your business processes or optimally automate your ERP workflow? We accompany you from the process analysis (e.g. process mining) to the rollout in your company.

With the help of our competence and many years of experience, together we will develop the right solution for you in a targeted manner.


We improve your productivity

Qualified advice accelerates you and your company on the way, into and through the digital transformation. The biggest difference between our digital consultancy and classic management consultancy is the smooth transition between analysis, planning and implementation.

In our project-related consulting, we always try to keep an eye on the "big picture" and at the same time to implement concrete measures. Our solutions should ultimately enable you to master digital change and successfully achieve your goals.

Process optimization is still aimed at increasing productivity, but we also keep different sub-goals in mind: such as shortening throughput times, reducing the use of resources, improving processes and utilization, shortening paths or improving communication.

We support your company in deciding to what extent a redesign of your processes is necessary at all or whether existing processes can be optimized.

However, one thing is certain: We don't just leave it at recommendations, but implement the processes together with you in "working software".

Our advice on digitization does not develop the tasks of a digital transformation as a strictly sequential schedule.

Rather, we rely on an approach that runs through activities and measures in iterative loops. In this way, we remain flexible, can monitor different areas at the same time and continuously adapt the procedure to the requirements of your industry, your customers and your situation.

Although ERP consulting is also about software and business processes, it is above all about people. Our ERP consulting therefore combines these different areas instead of just concentrating on one.

In this way, we combine up-to-date knowledge of theoffered software and the efficient design of business processes with proven project management procedures.

Digital transformation is usually accompanied by change management, which covers all areas of a company. We support you in the implementation of your successful change management by specifically supporting the employees in your organization in order to be able to successfully master the new requirements.

In doing so, we make sure to tackle internal resistance that often hinders change initiatives, support management with a clearly formulated roadmap and rely on proven software.

Correct and reliable data are the basis of all business processes. We ensure that data is networked across departmental boundaries so that your processes can flow company-wide.

Best practice solutions:

In order to remain competitive and to withstand the growing demands of your customers as well as increasing cost pressure, the digitization of your business processes is not the only unavoidable step. Above all, automation ensures an increase in efficiency and is therefore an important component in order to be able to survive on the market in the future.

Our optimized and automated best practice processes form a solid foundation for efficiency and profitability when optimizing your business processes:

  • can be used directly
  • optimized and tested in practice
  • comparatively low cost
  • modularly expandable


These process modules, which have been tried and tested in practice, can usually be integrated directly into your process flows, make your work easier, eliminate potential for errors and involve employees and business partners alike in your business processes.

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Our tech stack

Software development

When developing our software solutions, we rely on lead technologies and industry standards. This is how we ensure our three main goals: time, quality and budget.

ABAP is SAP's in-house (proprietary) programming language.
Since the introduction of SAP R/3, all SAP modules have been based on ABAP.

iTWO 4.0 is the flagship of RIB's cloud-based platform, pioneer in the digitization of the construction industry.

The object-oriented general-purpose programming language is still the foundation of Windows-related applications and platforms.

Java provides the basis for most of today's digital world and serves as a reliable platform for many services and applications.

Database systems

A well-founded knowledge of the industry-specific database systems of different sizes is our tool.

Microsoft's relational database management system.

SAP S/4HANA is the ERP software solution from SAP SE
and successor to the previous core product SAP ECC..

The world's leading database management system.

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We improve your productivity

Do you want to digitize and optimally automate your business processes? We accompany you from the potential analysis to the rollout in your company. Whether business process management or intelligent process automation - with the help of our competence and many years of experience, we design the right solution for you together and in a targeted manner.

Ismet Celebi

Managing Director